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Onomea Tea Company

Onomea Tea Company sits just above Onomea Bay on the scenic Hamakua coast of Hawaii Island. Stunningly beautiful, abundant rain with rich volcanic soils, it is ideal for making good, flavorful whole leaf Hawaii teas.

This is absolutely spectacular tea. It was just given a rating of 10 out of 10 by the American Tea Tasters Association.

It makes an excellent gift. Plus the company is owned by my brother Rob Nunally and Mike Longo.

Visit: http://www.onotea.com for more information.

The Martin Guitar Company

In 1976 my mother, father, and four brothers gave me a sunburst Martin D-18 for Christmas. I was overwhelmingly delighted with the gift. Since that time I have fallen in love with Martin guitars and have owned several. I purchased an HD-28 in 1978 which I use in performance with Dix Bruce.

In 2004 Dix Bruce and I became Martin Guitar Clinicians. We worked in California with Martin Representative Joe McNamara, and in the Northwest with Martin Representative Larry Barnwell. These two lovely fellows are part of the reason the Martin Company is thriving. There are many great guitars being made today and most have borrowed portions of their design from the classic Martin Guitar designs.

When I play with the Jaybirds, Due West, and the David Grisman Bluegrass Experience I use a 1946 Martin D-18. For my playing style I feel Martin Guitars are the best.

Onstage I use Martin Acoustic SP guitar strings, phosphor bronze medium MSP-4200.

Visit http://martinguitar.com

I have used D'Addario strings strings for over 25 years. I use them not only on guitar, but fiddle, banjo, and mandolin. For recording guitar, I particularly like the D'Addario EJ-17 medium phosphore bronze. They have a crisp, clear, bell tone which holds for a long time.

Go to http://www.daddario.com

Flatpicking Guitar Feb./March 2003

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine

If you are into flatpicking the acoustic guitar, or know someone who is, this is the publication to have. It is published bimonthly and is full of informative articles and music. You can order an accompanying CD for each issue, typically an instructional CD containing music for that issue's tablature.

I highly recommend this magazine.

They also have a record label which released my fourth CD with Dix Bruce, "Brothers At Heart."


Forssell Technologies

I have been using the Forssell Technologies Fetcode two-channel microphone preamp as my primary vocal preamp since the first time I tried it on a session. It became apparent immediately how much more was coming from my microphone. This preamp adds a beautiful amount of warmth. I liken the sound to a cross between the Massenberg and John Hardy mike preamps.




In 2016, while on tour with Tony Trischka, we visited the Deering Banjo Company. I came home with a Deering Goodtime Solana Six banjo. I have played it at nearly every performance with the Nell and Jim band since then. Deering makes banjos of all types and sizes and their quality is among the best in the world. The tone is totally inspiring and unique, thats why I play one.